Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain is a health and behavior intervention program designed to assist people who are living with persistent pain to learn strategies for living more successfully with and despite their pain. The information and pain management strategies taught and demonstrated in the Understanding Pain program are firmly rooted in current scientific research and can be helpful in reducing your baseline level of pain, in significantly reducing the frequency of and interference you may experience in your life from periodic pain flare-ups, and in increasing your ability to engage in the kinds of physical activities which once gave your life meaning but which may have fallen to the wayside because of your pain.

The full Understanding Pain program consists of eight weekly group meetings. Each meeting focuses on a specific topic that is relevant to reducing pain and to living a satisfying life despite persistent pain. Some of the topics addressed include: activity and pacing; relaxation and meditation; sleep; nutrition; pharmacology and addiction; and working with behavior, thoughts and emotions. Many of the meetings include some guided practice in relaxation and meditation techniques as well as encouragement and coaching with regard to the development of functional goals and related action plans. The goal of program is to teach you the things you need to know to take control of your pain.

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