Injury Prevention

St. Patrick Hospital is deeply committed to injury prevention. Activities include safety legislation, support of enforcement of existing laws, minimizing severity of injury through programs encouraging proper use of child safety seats, seat-belt and helmet use, as well as active support of a state-wide trauma system.

Helmets for Healthy Heads

Helmet sales are regularly offered by St. Patrick Hospital Trauma Services. Call 406-329-2823 for a current schedule.

Helmet prices:

  • Bike: $8
  • Multi-Sport: $10 (skateboarding, in-line skating, rollerblading, ice skating, kayaking)
  • Ski: $20
  • Equestrian: $23

Child Safety Seats

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for Montanans age 1-44. Proper restraint is crucial in preventing death and/or permanent disability. We, in conjunction with the Traffic Safety Task Force, support check-up events and distribution of low-cost child safety seats. Contact Lonie Hutchison, Buckle Up Montana, 406-258-3880 or Missoula Rural Fire Station, 406-549-6172 for help with proper installation.

Gun-Lock Distribution

Please call the NRA Community Service Program Division at (703) 267-1560 for more information.