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Thoracic Cancer Care

Also known as: Lung and Chest Cancer
Whether you recently have been diagnosed with lung cancer, learned you have recurrent cancer or would like to get a second opinion, Providence offers the personalized treatment you need. You’ll meet with a team of cancer experts, such as a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and pulmonologist. Merging their experience with many types of cancer, the team works together – and with you – to create an individualized treatment plan. 

Superior Outcomes

Cancer is a complicated disease that requires a combination of modalities for treatment, such as radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy and biotherapy. Many new treatment options have been discovered and researched within the past few years, providing better outcomes and survival benefits. At Providence, we use the most recent medical developments and clinical trials to give you the best possible quality of life.

Collaborative Team of Experts

Here are some specialists who may make up your care team.

  • Medical oncologist: cancer specialist who treats people using systemic therapy delivered through the blood stream (chemotherapy, immune therapy)
  • Radiation oncologist: cancer specialist who treats people by designing and focusing radiation to kill cancer cells
  • Thoracic surgeon: surgeon specializing in the chest and its diseases
  • Palliative care specialist: physician who specializes in treating cancer, managing treatment-related symptoms and setting goals of care

Conditions & Treatments

As part of a health-system with care locations across five states, we're here to take care of your chest, lungs, trachea, esophagus and more. Learn more about the procedures available at Providence.

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