Survivorship Program

The new survivorship program at St. Patrick Hospital will create an easier transition for patients as they move from the acute cancer treatment phase into follow-up. The program will help people with education, monitoring of long-term side effects and referrals to recovery services. These services include smoking cessation, physical therapy and rehabilitation, nutrition, psychosocial support and counseling, social work and fertility, among others.

The survivorship program aims to help patients with the transition out of acute cancer care to follow-up and beyond. The members of the cancer team will continue to follow patients, but the survivorship program will help patients move back to their primary care providers for general medical care. The program includes:

  • A treatment summary and care plan shared between the patient, the oncology team, the primary care provider and any other discipline involved in the patient’s care.
  • One month after completing treatment, the patient will have a clinic visit with a nurse practitioner to address the summary and care plan, follow up needs, side effects, community services if needed and the progression back to a primary care provider. Follow-up continues every six months as needed.
  • A nurse practitioner will be available as a resource to patients and primary care providers.

Are you a survivor?

The Montana Cancer Center is accepting patients who are newly diagnosed, currently receiving or have recently completed treatment for the survivorship program. Referrals may be made by any member of the oncology team or the patient’s primary care provider. To learn more, contact the Montana Cancer Center by calling:

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