Birth Certificate

After you have your baby, you'll receive forms for a birth certificate and social security number for your newborn. Providence will electronically submit the birth certificate form to the State within 10 days of birth.

Parents typically leave the hospital with the "Parents Informational Copy” of the birth certificate. Parents can purchase a “certified copy” of the birth certificate from the the Montana State Department of Health & Human Services website.

Social Security

With your consent, the state of Montana will apply for a social security number for your child. Baby must have a first and last name (not "Baby" Simpson or "Baby Girl" Smith).

It may take up to 17 weeks from the date of birth to receive your child’s Social Security card. The card will be mailed to the mother's mailing address as it appears on the birth certificate.

Paternity handbook

Paternity means legal fatherhood of a child. Paternity must be established when the child’s parents are not married. The Montana Paternity Handbook answers question about how to establish or challenge paternity, common law marriage and child support. Review paternity establishment information for more information.