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  • Artificial Cervical Disc

    The first artificial cervical disc was recently approved by the FDA for general use. The operation to implant these devices is just like an anterior cervical fusion, but instead of a bone graft and a metal plate, the artificial disc is implanted.
  • Anterior Cervical Fusion

    The anterior cervical fusion is the "gold standard" surgical option for treatment of herniated discs, arthritis and bone spurs in the neck. Generally, this is an outpatient surgery associated with a well-tolerated recovery.
  • Carpal Tunnel Release

    The carpal tunnel release is a common, simple, outpatient surgery which helps patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgery is performed to snip the thickened ligaments which are pinching the nerve.
  • Cervical Laminectomy

    The cervical laminectomy and its microsurgical cousin, the posterior cervical foramenotomy, are surgeries designed to decompress pinched nerves and the spinal cord. Small cervical disc herniations may also be removed this way
  • Craniotomy

    This is the classic "brain surgery" operation. Craniotomies are done for removal of benign tumors, aneurysms, infections and hematomas. Some are very minor operations; some are quite involved.
  • Lumbar Fusion Surgery

    Lumbar fusion surgery has become a mainstay in the treatment of disorders of the spine including, disc problems,arthritsis, scoliosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, fractures, tumors and infections.
  • Lumbar Microdiscectomy

    A lumbar microdiscectomy is a simple outpatient procedure designed to relieve leg pain, numbness or weakness from a herniated or bulging lumbar disc.
  • Microvascular Decompression

    This operation requires a small craniectomy, just behind the ear. It is typically used to treat refractory trigeminal neuralgia or Tic Doloreaux.
  • Neurology

    Your brain and nervous system communicate through a series of electrical signals. When this intricate communication system is disrupted, you’ll likely need to see a neurologist. The expert team at Providence Neurology Specialists treats a range of neurologic conditions.