Men's Heart Health Program

Cardiovascular (heart) disease remains the leading cause of death for men in the United States. Men over the age of 40 have nearly a 50 percent chance of developing heart disease during their lifetime. Heart disease is a broad term describing processes affecting your heart as well as your arteries. Unfortunately, for many men, recognition of this disease does not occur until the time of their first cardiac event. In fact, half of the men who die suddenly from this disease have no previous symptoms.

The Men’s Heart Health Program is a comprehensive way to prevent, diagnose and treat heart disease in men. The goal of this program is to not only identify and reduce traditional risk factors for heart disease, but also to educate men in the areas of nutrition and exercise.

Cost for the program is $75 (additional testing or referrals not included in initial fee).

The program includes:

  • One-hour initial assessment:
    • Nurse assessment/education
    • Appointment with medical provider to discuss assessment results and make a plan for risk reduction
    • Appointment with exercise physiologist/dietitian
    • Blood work and EKG
  • Comprehensive medication review and assessment by a clinical cardiac pharmacist that includes evidence-based information on both prescription drugs and nutriceuticals
  • Recommendation as needed for further diagnostic testing or treatment
  • Access to cardiology RN/LPN via phone for support, education or questions
  • Two-month follow-up appointment with medical provider (30 min)
  • Periodic invitations to educational, inspirational and fun events (optional)
  • Six-month final appointment with medical provider, presentation of Men’s Heart Health Program gift

How to join

If you are interested in enrolling in the Men’s Heart Health Program, call 406-329-5615 to make an appointment.

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