Skilled Nursing Care

Providence provides comprehensive professional skilled nursing care including physical, emotional, and spiritual care for the whole person at each of our residential facilities. We take pride in giving compassionate care and services with dignity and respect for the individual.

Our long term care facilities provide skilled nursing in a residential setting including round the clock skilled nursing care, assistance with activities of daily living, and home in every sense of the word. We are dedicated to changing the traditional medical model approach to nursing home care by addressing the needs of our residents through creating a sense of community. We accomplish this by working together providing a model of care that is resident-centered. Each staff member is there to honor the dignity and individuality of each resident, and to make every effort to encourage and help restore wellness as well as provide compassionate care, comfort and support.

Long Term Mobility Care

Long term mobility providers give primary healthcare for seniors living in nursing and retirement homes. Our doctors do routine exams and help you manage illness, chronic disease and medications – in the nursing home itself. We want to help you feel better, keep you well and avoid ambulance and hospital expenses.

Coordinated Care

Sometimes a hospital stay is unavoidable. If you find yourself in the hospital, rest assured the staff of Providence Medical Group Long Term Mobility Care is still on the job. We'll work closely with the hospital and your doctor to coordinate your transfer back to assisted care. We’ll keep the rest of your medical team up-to-date with notes, discharge summaries and phone calls.

Family Input for Senior Care

Our Long Term Mobility Care doctor meets regularly with patient families and, when appropriate, involves them in making decisions. Our compassionate staff will provide information to help family members make difficult choices about in-home and end-of-life care. Together, we’ll make sure your family member receives the best care possible.

To schedule a conference with a member of our staff, simply call the facility where your family member resides.

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