Also known as: Blood Work

Our clinical laboratory is overseen by highly-trained pathologists and staffed by experienced technicians with extensive expertise in all aspects of laboratory medicine. These professionals are available to answer questions about laboratory medicine and pathology.

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Why do I need lab tests?

Your physician may order lab work such as blood tests for example, to help diagnose, treat or monitor your health because lab tests provide information that cannot be found on a physical exam.

Why am I asked to fast before some lab tests?

Certain tests are sensitive to changes that occur during digestion and are most precise when comparing results while fasting. The length of fasting depends on the type of test. For example, blood sugar tests can be done after a six-hour fast but a blood test for triglycerides or a lipid profile requires a full 12-hour fast.

What should I do with my lab results?

It is best practice to keep a record of your lab results in order to compare future tests. If a lab result is abnormal you should discuss causes of the abnormality with your physician.

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