da Vinci Urologic Surgery

Also known as: Robotic Prostatectomy, Robotic Urologic Surgery


One of the most common ways to treat prostate cancer is to remove the prostate gland, a procedure called radical prostatectomy. Traditionally, that operation requires an eight- to 10-inch incision. This open surgery commonly leads to significant blood loss, a lengthy recovery, and risks such as incontinence and impotence. A prostatectomy is less invasive when performed with da Vinci®, which allows surgeons to see vital anatomical structures more clearly and operate with greater precision. Ask your doctor if robotic-assisted surgery is a good option for you. 


da Vinci Prostatectomy comparison

Faster recovery after surgery

Though any diagnosis of cancer can be traumatic, the good news is that if your doctor recommends prostate surgery, the cancer was probably caught early. And, with da Vinci prostatectomy, the likelihood of a complete recovery from prostate cancer without long-term side effects is, for most patients, better than it has ever been.

  • Significant less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Less scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster return to normal daily activities

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