Arrhythmia Management

Also known as: Irregular Heartbeat


If you are looking for personalized, cutting-edge treatment for abnormal heart rhythm problems close to your home in Montana, the International Heart Institute of Montana is the place to help you get your rhythm back and improve your lifestyle. The Electrophysiology Department of the IHI is proud to offer Montanans the very latest testing and treatments for a wide variety of heart rhythm problems such as atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, tachy-brady syndrome, long QT syndrome and syncope caused by an abnormal rhythm.

Collaborative, team-based care

Our team approach to the diagnosis and treatment of rhythm disturbances is the foundation of our success. We have specialized and certified physician assistants, nursing staff and lab technicians who directly assist our electrophysiology physicians in performing procedures and assessing patients both in the hospital and clinic settings. Our electrophysiology team offers comprehensive evaluations to develop the best treatment strategies not only in Missoula but also in Polson, Helena and Butte.

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