Don: Improved Health and Quality of Life

Don has spent the past nine months on international flights. But, despite that, he appears unruffled. He is calm and looks sharp in a tailored gray suit. A smile brightens his face as he discusses his transformation: two years ago, Don lost more than 120 pounds – thanks to LAP-BAND® surgery and support through Providence Medical Group Bariatric Services.

Career Affected by Extra Weight

His work as a civil engineer takes him around the world – recently to Bogota, Colombia. At his previous weight, 429 pounds, he said the trip would’ve been impossible. The long flight, altitude and humid climate would have been difficult to bear. “I wouldn’t have been able to do it before,” Don said.

Excess weight stood between Don and his career. More importantly, it was damaging his health. Type II diabetes, high blood pressure and an enlarged heart came along with the extra pounds.

Providence Weight-Loss Options

He knew his health was in danger, and he knew his weight kept him from doing his best work. But, it wasn’t until an airline told him he’d have to buy two seats that he started looking into serious weight-loss options. After trying every fad diet, he turned to Providence Medical Group Bariatric Services for help.

The experienced staff helped Don explore every avenue of healthy living, from nutritional choices to activity options to mental health and attitude.

Don Chose LAP-BAND®

“The weight-loss program was well thought-out, from exam to surgery,” Don said. After a thorough screening process, he and the weight-loss team decided LAP-BAND® was the right choice for him.

Rather than permanently removing or bypassing part of his stomach, surgeons implanted an inflatable ring to reduce the size of his stomach. After surgery, Don felt fuller faster due to restriction from the LAP-BAND®.

Improved Quality of Life

Before long, Don was back to work and doing better than ever. After dropping 126 pounds, he can fly comfortably, stay on his feet longer and meet the physical demands of his job. He’s also back to doing what he loves – fly fishing, sailing, trimming trees and maintaining his property.

LAP-BAND® surgery not only changed Don’s body, it also improved his quality of life.

“I don’t get worked up so easily,” Don said. “I choose to sit back, take care of myself and live my life.”