End-of-Life Registry

The Choices Bank was originally created by the Life’s End Institute and sponsored by St. Patrick Hospital. Missoula legislators proposed a bill in 2005 to create and maintain a secure, online registry accessible to health care providers and families throughout the state; this is now known as the End-of-Life Registry. As with the Choices Bank, there is no charge to use the Montana End-of-Life-Registry.

To view your advance directive, use the codes on the wallet card that you received in the mail from the Registry. If you do not have a new card, you may also use a combination of your name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and social security number; or, if you still have your original Choices Bank card, you may use that name and access code.

The updated My Choices Advance Directive form is still available for your use, either from the registry’s website or from The Learning Center at St. Patrick Hospital.

For information and assistance in completing your advance directive, come to The Learning Center (Medical Library) at St. Patrick Hospital, located on the first level of the Broadway Building. The library staff will witness your advance directive, make copies for your representatives and for Medical Records, and forward it to the End-of-Life-Registry in Helena.

The End-of-Life-Registry is in the Department of Justice - Office of Consumer Protection and Victim Services, and is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so help is always available should you or your family have questions in an emergency. To learn more, visit dojmt.gov/consumer/end-of-life-registry.