Student and Instructor Portal

We hope you find your student experience with us both beneficial to your personal and professional growth. We are committed to providing excellent health care to our patients and our community.

Part of our responsibility to you is to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of our patients and our caregivers before you start your clinical rotation. To do so, we have developed this Student/Instructor Portal, where you will find links to important information, facts you need to know, a post test to evaluate the knowledge gained and documents you must complete and turn in the Student Coordinator on your first day.

General Information

All student rotations and hands-on experiences—both clinical and non-clinical—must be set-up through the Student Program Coordinator.

Affiliation Agreement

Students must be covered by a current affiliation agreement with Providence St. Patrick Hospital. The agreements are verified through Hospital Administration and the Student Program Coordinator.

Accredited Educational Program

Students must be from educational programs that are accredited by National accrediting bodies.

Providence St. Patrick Hospital Responsibilities

Providence will provide the following information to the students and instructors:

  • General orientation information
  • Mission and Core Values
  • Hospital-wide policies and procedures including environmental and patient safety, diversity, and patient rights

Providence retains the right to dismiss a student from a clinical rotation for cause, including but not limited to patient endangerment.

School/Student Responsibilities

Students must provide school with the following documentation and school will maintain verification/documentation of the following:

Vaccinations and Screenings

  • Measles (Rubeola), Mumps and Rubella (MMR) requirement
    One of the following is required:
    • Proof of two MMR vaccinations
    • Proof of immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella through a blood test
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening requirements
    One of the following is required:
    • Two-step skin test within the last 12 months
    • One Quantiferon Gold blood test with negative result
    • If previously positive to any TB test, the student must complete a symptom questionnaire and have a chest x-ray read by a radiologist with a normal result.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) requirements
    One of the following is required:
    • Proof of two Varicella vaccinations
    • Proof of immunity to Varicella through a blood test
    • Attestation of Varicella disease
  • Tdap requirement
    Proof of one Tdap vaccination after age ten
  • Flu Vaccination Requirement
    Proof of current, annual influenza vaccination
  • Hepatitis B
    One of the following should be performed:
    • Documentation of three Hepatitis B vaccinations and blood tests with “Reactive” results. Students who are in the process of receiving this vaccinations are allowed to begin their rotation
    • Blood test with “Reactive” results

Background Check

  • School shall perform an excluded provider search on the Office of Inspector General List of Excluded Individuals/Entities and the System for Award Management for any students providing treatment, care or services at Hospital. Evidence that each student is not on the above mentioned excluded provider list is a condition precedent to clinical education program placement.
  • School will provide the Hospital with a current copy of the school’s Liability Insurance.
  • School will ensure a completed School/Hospital Document Verification Checklist is submitted to the Student Program Coordinator four weeks prior to the date the student(s) are to begin their clinical experience.
  • Student records will be maintained by the school and the items required by Providence St. Patrick Hospital must be readily available for auditing purposes.
  • Students will be supervised by an appropriate academic instructor (clinical group) or Providence St. Patrick Hospital caregiver (preceptor) who have demonstrated competency in the work being performed by the student.

Contact Information

Please note: All student internships and hands-on experiences, both clinical and non-clinical, must be set-up through our Student Coordinator.

Kerry Schultz
Phone: 406-327-5928
Fax: 406-329-5688