Our Nursing Stories - Living Our Core Values

Compassion & Excellence

Patient and WheelchairA patient’s daughter writes: My dad was in the midst of a long hospitalization and had been on 4N during this portion of his stay. He was confused, restless and delirious.  Despite his mobility challenges, Tiffanie got him out of bed twice during her CN shift and assisted him to a wheelchair. She wheeled him to the nurses’ station to get him out of his room and tasked him with simple tasks to keep him busy and mentally engaged.

This is nursing care at its core. One can be clinically skilled and still not offer interventions that actually help. Tiffanie’s kindness and extra effort was so meaningful and appreciated. 

Dignity & Integrity

harriet_mentzer_2A patient was admitted on the day that his wife passed away from terminal cancer. One of the first things he told his nurse was how important it would be for him to see Harriet Mentzer, RN while he was here, because she was his wife’s favorite nurse when she was a patient. His daughters also shared this request with his nurse. Harriet was not scheduled to work until after the patient’s expected discharge date, so knowing that Harriet lives 45 miles away, the patient’s nurse left Harriet a message to see if she would call him and his family. Instead, Harriet took the time to make a special trip to St. Patrick’s to visit him.

Harriet continuously treats her patients with dignity and demonstrates integrity and selflessness. She went above and beyond to help a patient and his family during their time of grieving.

Excellence & Integrity

doctor_and_heartOne of our supply chain caregivers was stocking supplies in the core on our unit. Per their normal morning routine Oriana Turley, RN asked this caregiver how he was feeling. Normally it's a quick conversation of 'how do you do's' that end with a 'have a nice day' and a smile.

Today the caregiver stated that he wasn't feeling very well. She prompted him to give her more detailed descriptions of his symptoms. After listening to him she told him that the symptoms he was experiencing were characteristic of a heart attack and that he should be seen in our emergency department. He said he would go get checked out and left our unit.

Oriana felt that she should have walked him down to the department and went downstairs to see that he got checked in ok. He had made his way to the ED when she was searching for him in his department. She made sure that he was getting checked into the ED with ease and returned to her patients on her unit. She later found out that he had been admitted to the cardiac unit for a further cardiac work-up.

Her dedication and caring went above and beyond for her fellow caregiver.