Our Nursing Stories

From an RN on our Ortho/Neuro Unit

A family brought their son in on Thanksgiving Day. The son has been a patient on the ortho/neuro unit regularly over the past two years.The staff members are very familiar with both him and his parents. On Thanksgiving Day, his primary nurse brought a tray full of "Turkey Dinner" that the staff had brought in as a potluck. This brought tears to the father's eyes.

The following Monday, the father told me about the holiday, and said "You know, there is no other place we want to take our son. The doctors have given us a choice to go elsewhere if we feel like we are not getting what we need...but I can't imagine going anywhere else. You guys are the best nurses we've had, and we've been other places. I'd have to say this past Thanksgiving was one of my best. We know we are doing the right thing for our son."

From an RN on our oncology unit

Mary brought a patient a small harp to practice playing. This patient had had a stroke, with residual left sided weakness. She had been depressed. When she got the harp, she played it most of an evening. She was very happy, smiling and laughing. She said that she always wanted to play the harp, and she intends to buy one. Mary's actions, caring, and concern truly made a positive difference for this patient.

From an RN on our Surgical Unit

Gail was caring for a young patient from out of town that was needing daily antibiotic treatments following discharge. The mother of the patient voiced the financial burden that this hospitalization had placed on their family. Gail put much effort towards insuring this family a room at St. Pat's house and a wheelchair to travel to and from the Infusion Center, as they didn’t have a car. The mother was very pleased at Gail’s efforts.