Green 4 Good: Environmental Stewardship


Green 4 Good is the program that works to reduce environmental impacts from hospital operations at St. Patrick.  In addition, the program provides education, motivation, and actions for staff and the community. Lastly, it tracks progress and measures outcomes, setting achievable goals each year. 

Over many years, we have worked to decrease energy and water use, and have been recognized for our efforts with the Energy Star award and multiple awards from Practice Greenheatlh.  Compared to hospitals of our size in the northwest, St. Patrick uses less energy per square foot than most. G4G has led the effort to redesign our waste stream. Staff members, through careful waste segregation, keep almost 40% of waste out of the landfill. Further, we have lower amounts of hazardous and infectious waste compared to national averages. This effort saves labor and money, while keeping our community cleaner. G4G addresses the use of chemicals in the workplace. We have successfully eliminated triclosan (a hormone disrupting pesticide) from our clinical soaps; we have essentially eliminated mercury from our equipment; we have reduces food additives and provide selected local and sustainable foods in our cafeteria and for patients.

G4G supports the efforts of staff by providing education, events such as Earth Week and the River Clean-up, by offering a commuter club, monthly Goals 4 Good, and much more.  St. Pat’s is one of the leaders in our larger 50-hospitial system of Providence St. Joseph Health as we encourage each other to reduce harmful impacts even more. St. Pat’s staff contribute to the community by serving on the Mayor’s climate council, Climate Smart Missoula’s executive council, the Zero Waste Initiative, and by providing educational materials for college courses and public events.