CATCH in Western Montana

Your Local CATCH Team

Lisa Tims, CATCH Coordinator

Lisa, a native Montanan, has been at the Missoula City-County Health Department as a Senior Community Health Specialist since 1999. She has spent her professional career improving health literacy over a wide array of topics, including nutrition, tobacco, osteoporosis, obesity, emergency preparedness and oral health. Her varied experience has prepared her to expertly coordinate Missoula’s CATCH program. Lisa's role is to support CATCH in schools and community sites through funding of curriculum materials, and by providing staff members with ongoing technical support and training in conjunction with St. Patrick Hospital’s sponsorship.

Lisa also helps community sites reach out to families with the CATCH messages of heart-healthy eating and fun physical activity for kids and adults. Additionally, her strong connections with the local Partnership Health Center, public and private schools, the Montana State University system and a network of recreational sites bring in a steady stream of volunteers and opportunities for CATCH. Because the University of Montana has a strong health promotion program, Missoula is brimming with talented health promotion specialists. Even against this competitive backdrop, however, Lisa stands out in the field as a mentor and leader for the Missoula and Western Montana Community. View our presentation.


"This program really made the children aware of many health issues. I noticed students making more healthy choices for snacks, even when they would bring treats for their birthday"

"My students and I enjoyed the program. The presentations were very age appropriate, as well as very informative. The program has a strong and important message for school children."

"They [CATCH] are making the school healthier. It’s cool!"

"Thank you for teaching me everything I need to know about my health. Now I’m going to eat healthy and exercise every day."