In today's complex world of health care, patients, families and caregivers often face difficult decisions. Sometimes, there is an honest but inevitable conflict in values and opinions about how best to care for a patient.

St. Patrick Hospital has an Ethics Committee that can help address the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise. The Committee does not mandate a particular decision or course of action. Rather, it serves as a resource for understanding the ethical and moral frameworks that can assist patients and caregivers in making the most appropriate decisions.

The Ethics Committee is a permanent committee of the Medical Staff. Its membership includes physicians, nurses and other hospital representatives, as well as ethicists and community members.

The Committee can provide education about bioethics, serve as a resource to resolve ethical issues, and develop policies that help the medical and hospital staff meet their mission to provide excellent patient care. A request for consultation by the Ethics Committee can be initiated by a patient, a family member, or anyone on the hospital staff. Consultation request forms can be found at every nursing station, or any person may contact one of the following individuals:

Contact Us

  • Request to speak to the Administrative Staff Secretary: 406-329-5630
  • Timothy Caramore, MD, Ethics Committee Chair
    406-543-7271 or Send an email
  • Gary Weisbrich, Spiritual Care Director
    Send an Email