Find an OB/GYN, Midwife or Family Medicine Doctor

Find a Doctor for You and Your Baby

We understand that selecting a provider is a very personal choice—especially when it comes to delivering your children. The relationship created with your care provider throughout your prenatal and delivery experience can last a lifetime. That’s why Providence offers midwifery and obstetrics options to fit your personal care preferences.


At Providence St. Patrick Hospital, our doctors on staff are highly-regarded and sought-after OB-GYNs in Missoula and the Western Montana region, with more than 90 years of proven excellence and compassionate care.


Our midwives are nationally certified and licensed. Providence St. Patrick Hospital is the only hospital in Missoula that offers midwife care for in-hospital deliveries.

Child & Family Doctors

Once you deliver, you're baby will need a doctor of their own. With a Providence doctor, you can continue getting high quality care for your baby and entire family.