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A medical problem could arise when two or more medications have been prescribed that should not be used together. The best way to avoid such problems is to have a single pharmacy provide all of your prescriptions. The pharmacist then becomes familiar with your medications and can employ his expertise to monitor your medication use, limiting or preventing any problems from occurring with your medicines.


Your medication will be provided in a special package with your name on it. This helps to ensure you receive:

  • The correct medication
  • The correct dose
  • The correct frequency to take the medicine


The Providence St. Joseph Medical Center Pharmacy makes daily, planned deliveries to the assisted living community so you will not run out of medication.


You receive one bill a month for all your medications, allowing you to understand and manage your pharmacy costs. The St. Joseph Medical Center Pharmacy offers competitive pricing.

Pharmacist Services

The clinical pharmacist regularly communicates with the assisted living Registered Nurse. This pharmacist will be familiar with all of your medications and can answer any questions.

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