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Sleep Center at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center

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6 13th Ave East , Third Floor Polson, MT 59860
Phone: 406-883-8340

"I just can't fall asleep at night, and I'm always sleepy during the day."

"My spouse keeps me awake snoring, and sometimes even wakes himself up."

"I can't stop moving my legs. It feels like my skin is crawling."

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If so, you or your partner may have a sleep disorder. We all need sound sleep to restore our bodies and minds, but more than 100 million Americans regularly do not get a good night's sleep.

An occasional bad night's sleep is no cause for concern, but a continued sleep disorder can affect your health and the quality of your waking hours.

St. Joseph Medical Center's Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Our doctors and technologists are dedicated to helping people with sleep problems. Specialists from several fields of medicine are available, depending on the patient's sleep problem.

A variety of testing is offered, ranging from equipment which patients can take home to record what happens while they sleep, to sophisticated computerized monitoring in our Sleep Lab.

Call 406-883-8340 to learn more. We look forward to helping you.

Charles' Sleep Apnea

Charles Keegan had been a terrible sleeper his whole life until his cardiologist referred him to the Providence Sleep Center.