St. Patrick Hospita lBroadway Pharmacy

Broadway Pharmacy at Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Office Information

Broadway Building, 500 W. Broadway, First Floor Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-327-1650
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

The Broadway Pharmacy is open to the public for over the counter and prescription medications. The Pharmacy is located in Broadway Building next to Providence St. Patrick Hospital and has been downtown Missoula’s pharmacy for over 30 years.

Access to Your Doctors

Since the Broadway Pharmacy is located in the same building as many Providence Medical Group clinics and the Western Montana Clinic, it has a close relationship with medical providers located in the same building. This relationship allows the Pharmacy to have direct and fast access to doctors when patients have questions about their medicine.

Customer ease is just one advantage to the relationship between the Pharmacy and medical staff. There is a shared respect between the Pharmacy staff and Providence Medical Group and Western Montana Clinic medical providers. If the Pharmacy staff has a question, they can make a quick phone call and get answers fast. This relationship helps patients get the best medicine for their illness fast. The pharmacist understands patients are in charge of their health and will help answer questions about drug interactions, pricing and availability.

Being located next to Providence St. Patrick Hospital means convenient shopping for patients heading home from the hospital. This will often save an extra, out-of-the-way stop at another pharmacy. The Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans and will price match local competitors at the request of the patient. To make the process even easier, prescriptions can be delivered directly to the Pharmacy from doctor offices within the building, so they will be ready when the patient leaves the hospital or physician’s office.

Hard-to-Find Products

Broadway Pharmacy has almost immediate access to hard-to-find medications. If you need an uncommon prescription, we may be able to provide it through the inpatient Pharmacy at St. Pat’s. Many times patients have been prescribed medications and attempt to fill them at their mainstream pharmacy, only to find the medications aren’t carried there. When patients call the Broadway Pharmacy, we are often able to fill the prescription the same day. This service has saved patients days of shopping around and not being able to find the medicine they need.

Mailing and Delivery

When the weather gets rough, we can mail or deliver medicines to your door. The mail service through the United States Postal Service only costs $1.00. If the prescription is called in before 2 p.m. on a weekday, the package is usually delivered the next day in town or in a few days if out of town. Even more convenient is Broadway Pharmacy’s delivery service. We deliver to many retirement apartments, senior living centers and group homes (not private residences). Delivery is free, and if the prescription is called in and filled before 11 a.m., delivery should be made the same day.

Price Matching

Broadway Pharmacy is concerned about the steep price of healthcare. We will do everything we can to make sure patients receive the best price on prescriptions. Broadway Pharmacy will match local competitor pricing at the request of the patient, and we have prescription discount cards available for anyone. Prescription discount cards are helpful if the patient does not have insurance. The savings through this card are significant and have, on many occasions, prevented a patient from not getting his/her expensive prescription.

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