A Doctor Who Specializes in You 

A woman’s body is unique and requires specialized attention at all stages of life. Shouldn’t women’s healthcare be as unique and individualized as the conditions they face? We believe so. That means specialized physicians, specialized service and specialized attention and care.

Providers at Providence have the qualifications and skill to specialize in you. To schedule an appointment at any of our clinics, call 1-855-PMG-TEAM.

Internal Medicine and Primary Care

Our internal medicine and primary care providers specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult illness. They take an all-inclusive approach to health and provide ongoing, comprehensive care. 

Knowledgeable women's health internists offer a comfortable and caring environment for women with health concerns such as menopause, hormone management and sexual health. To give the most thorough and appropriate care referrals to other specialties are made as necessary.

Specialized Women’s Care

Providers at Providence Medical Group Women's Care Clinic help women maintain good health throughout their lives. They provide a holistic approach to your healthcare and make sure your unique needs are taken care of with respect and excellence.

Compassionate, thorough care to your specific needs throughout your lifetime. We take a team approach and will coordinate your care across the Providence Medical Group doctors for best care possible.