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School of Nursing - 1926: June Graduation

St. Patrick Hospital was full of joy when Rev. Father Arthur J. Harrington, representing the institution, coferred eight diplomas on students who completed with honor and success the nurse's course. The ceremony took place in the "Liberty Theater" in the presence of all the hospital doctors, many members of the clergy and the elite society of the city. Mother provincial, Mother Anne-Emmelie, accompanied by sister Georgetta, honored the graduates at the conferral of diplomas.

The stage was attractively decorated with natural flowers, plants, and lights. The abbot Arthur J. Harrington, Dr. J.P. Ritchey, Mr. W.J. McCormick, Mr. Carl O'Loughlin, and the new graduates in their fresh white attire occupied the front seats in the midst of the flowers. While the city orchestra played the most harmonious tunes, our new graduates, under an avalanche of flowers and applause from the audience, received their diplomas, medals, and congratulations.

W.J. McCormick pronounced the welcoming speech. He made several humorous remarks and finished by urging the nurses to continue to study to perfect even more the art of caring for the sick. Dr. Richey spoke about the brilliant prospects the nursing profession offers in our time and on the qualities that it requires. Father Harrington, in his turn, gave a very appropriate speech and closed the ceremony after having given some advise to our nurses. He spoke of the phenomenon of suffering and said that everything in nature proves it has a value and reason for being and that sympathy and compassion are the compensation for it. He urged them to put in practice what they had learned during their three years of intense practice and training.

Misses Odna Marion, Marie Matteson, Teresa Rolczynski, Fannie Gliebe, Yvonne Beaulieu, Junita Wykoff, Lillian Lay, Leila McDonald.











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