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Breastfeeding Support Clinic

Breastfeeding is a time of bonding with your baby. It can also be a testing time. Providence St. Joseph Medical Center’s Breastfeeding Support Clinic is here for moms, babies and families who are breast feeding. Our focus is on helping any mother and baby having challenges with breastfeeding—from birth through older children. Self-referrals, referrals from community physicians and other lactation programs are welcome.

The St. Joseph's breastfeeding support team includes a pediatrician with experience in infant feeding problems, board certified OB/GYN’s with women’s health expertise, maternal counselor dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mothers, and certified lactation consultants who, together, offer personalized care for both mother and baby.

Breastfeeding support visits are covered by most insurance companies.

Polson, Montana Breastfeeding Support Clinic Services

  • Outpatient room at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center for anyone in the community to use for breastfeeding
  • 24/7 phone consultation line for breast feeding support
  • Breastfeeding Support Group
  • Comprehensive breastfeeding evaluation of mother and baby that includes history of mother and infant with attention to risk factors for milk supply, pre and post weight feeding assessment with experienced certified lactation consultant

Breastfeeding issues addressed by our team include:

  • Infant refusal at breast or sucking difficulties that interfere with breastfeeding
  • Slow weight gain or failure to thrive in the breastfed infant
  • Breastfed infant with reflux
  • Infants born early 36-38 weeks who are sleepy at the breast
  • Breastfeeding a premature infant
  • Breastfeeding children with special health care needs such as Down syndrome or heart disease
  • Breastfeeding while mother is using medications (e.g. choice of contraception, anti-depressant)
  • Breastfed infant with bloody stools or suspicion of food intolerance, allergies
  • Breastfeeding while returning to work or school
  • Mothers with breast pain
  • Mothers with over-abundant milk supply
  • Infants who are pulling away or clicking while feeding
  • Breastfeeding more than one infant (multiple births)
  • Prevention and management of sore nipples and engorgement
  • Maintaining mother's milk and/or breastfeeding when the mother and infant are separated
  • Promotion of ample milk production
  • Challenges with mother or child-led weaning

Contact us

To learn more about the Breastfeeding Support Clinic at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, please call 406-883-8438. To schedule an appointment, please call 406-883-5680.