Breastfeeding & Newborn Care

Learn the basics of effective pumping and milk storage, bottle feeding, keeping up milk supply and confidently transitioning from home back to work or school in this Polson, MT breastfeeding and infant care class.

A one-evening class combining breastfeeding and newborn care. Partners are encouraged, but not required to attend.

Registration for this class is required and space is limited.
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Breastfeeding: Getting Off to a Good Start

This prenatal breastfeeding class is designed for mothers who plan to breastfeed, and for those that have not yet made the decision, but want to learn more. Topics covered include the benefits of breastfeeding, a baby’s nine instinctive stages the first hour after birth, benefits of holding baby skin-to-skin and solutions to commonly encountered breast-feeding difficulties. A support person is encouraged to attend, but not required.

Newborn Care Basics

We’ll explore basic care for your newborn and the standard procedures of baby care at Providence St. Joseph Hospital’s The Nesting Place. From the first moments after birth to the weeks that follow at home, you’ll discover ways to ease your baby’s transition into the world, enhance your understanding of how to read your newborn’s signs and cues, and develop confidence in your ability to meet your infant’s basic needs.

Both parents-to-be are encouraged to attend this class together, though single participation is most welcomed. This is the space for all of your questions about what happens after baby comes.


Providence St. Joseph Medical Center
6 13th Ave. East
Polson, MT 5986 | Map & Directions »

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