Where there is help, there is hope!

One in five women experience some form of postpartum emotional challenges. This does not occur because of something a mother does or doesn’t do. This drop-in postpartum support group provides a safe, confidential environment for moms to openly discuss common challenges that arise in the postpartum period.

Topics explored might include:

  • Sharing birth stories
  • Will I Ever Sleep Again?
  • The Shadow Side of Mothering
  • Couples Care
  • Family Affairs
  • Babies 101
  • Mothering the Mother
  • Parenting with Mindfulness

The “Out of the Blue” Postpartum Support Group is a free, drop-in group that meets every Thursday, 11 a.m.-12:30.p.m. at the Garden City Medical Building (601 W. Spruce St). Please call 406-329-5340 for more information.