The James Family from Great Falls, MT

jamesfamilyNoah was born in 2011 with posterior encephalocele, a very rare disorder where the skull bones do not completely close, creating a gap for cerebral spinal fluid, brain tissue and the meninges to protrude into a sac-like formation. Noah had three surgeries during the first two months of his life. The first surgery was conducted the day after he was born to remove the encephalocele.

The next surgery was to insert a shunt near the encephalocele in order to keep fluid from building up on his brain. After the surgery, the shunt malfunctioned and gave him a blood disease, so the surgeons had to go in and remove the shunt. The shunt was left out for a while to see how he would do without it, but eventually the fluid started to build up and he needed another shunt. Today, Noah is a happy and very snuggly one-year-old baby.

Noah and his sister, mother and grandparents stayed at the St. Patrick House when visiting Missoula for doctor’s appointments.

“I believe that Noah was a gift from our Heavenly Father. We had to bring him to Missoula to see a couple of doctors and during that time we stayed at St. Patrick House and it has saved us so much in expenses. We met the staff at the St. Patrick House and they are wonderful people. They made us feel at home and treated our family with care. We will always go back and recommend it a place to stay.” – Rhonda James, Noah’s grandmother 

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