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Providence Medical Group

Providence Neurology Specialists

Providence Family Medicine Clinic - Spokane, WA
Contact & Directions | (406) 327-3350
| 601 W. Spruce Street Suite J Missoula, MT 59802 | Map & Directions

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Personalized, Comprehensive Neurologic Care

Your central nervous system is responsible for all you do. From walking and talking to thinking and blinking – your brain, spine and nerves are vital to your every move and thought. If you experience a neurologic issue, the team of specialists at Providence Neurology Specialists is here for you. Our providers diagnose and treat a wide variety of neurological and sleep disorders – conditions like stroke, dementia, migraines, sleep apnea and more. We work together to create a care plan personalized for you.

Expanded Team of Experts in a New Location

Providence Neurology Specialists has moved! Our new clinic is right across the street from Providence St. Patrick Hospital at 601 West Spruce Street in Missoula.

Not only are we in a new space, our team has grown. Local neurologist John Schaeffer, D.O., joined Providence Neurology Specialists, along with physician assistants Madelyn Boyle, PA-C– making us the largest group of neurology specialists in the region. We’re honored for the opportunity to serve even more of our fellow Montanans.

To contact the clinic, call (406) 327-3350.

Are you a referring provider?

Providence Neurology Specialists is a referral-based clinic. 

If you are a provider and would like to refer a patient to us, please call (406) 327-3350. You may also send a referral to us via fax: (406) 327-3355.

Helpful Information
  • Providence Neurology Specialists P:(406) 327-3350
    F:(406) 327-3355

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  • 601 W. Spruce Street
    Suite J
    Missoula, MT 59802