A health care professional asking an elderly man a question

Programs & Services

Providence St. Joseph Assisted Living Center provides personal health and routine nursing service. It is not designed as a health care facility, but does provide a range of supportive health-related services. These include medication assistance, arrangements and coordination of other skilled nursing and health care services, and general health oversight – monitoring and addressing expected and observable health changes.

Since a registered nurse is not available around the clock, residents and families must take responsibility for informing caregivers when there is a new health-related concern, a prescription change or an order from a doctor or health care provider. Certain skilled nursing services, such as a hospice, may need to be provided by Home Health or other nursing resources.

Staff will respond to a health care emergency as it would react to a person living in its own home. In the case of a fall, injury or health emergency, the staff is generally prepared to provide first aid and comfort care. Staff will call for a nurse’s advice and local emergency services will be called if necessary. Although staff is trained in CPR, each resident will have their own instructions on the administration of CPR.

Emergency transportation to the hospital may be provided by family members if time permits or by a local emergency ambulance service. The cost of emergency transportation will be billed directly to the resident although it will be ordered at the discretion of the staff.

Support Services

For aging in place to occur, services may be added, increased or adjusted to compensate for the physical and/or mental decline experienced by an individual. The assisted living center staff is generally available to meet a wide range of personal care needs and scheduled routine nursing needs. Additional needed services may require outside support or ancillary services.

The assisted living provider works with residents and families to identify and coordinate services of physicians, home health therapists and skilled nurses, podiatrists, clinical social workers or psychologists, as well as family members and volunteers, to meet changing needs. These services are not covered by the Providence St. Joseph Assisted Living Center monthly rate, although some coverage may be available through Medicare.


At St. Joseph Assisted Living all caregivers are required to be Montana Certified Nursing Assistants who are trained by the facility to provide personal service. A registered nurse is available in the facility during weekdays and is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the staff and residents with advice. The registered nurse oversees medication management and supervises delegated nursing tasks. Although the nurse will respond to health concerns and questions raised by residents, the nurse is primarily a resource for staff. The resident’s primary health care relationship remains with his or her physician. Our staff works with residents and families to coordinate outside resources when skilled nursing or professional therapy services are required.