Payment & Insurance

Providence St. Joseph Assisted Living Center charges based on apartment size and services required by an individual resident. Charges increase as service needs increase. Providence St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Center will give a 30 day notice of any rate change unless it is directly related to a change in services provided. Facilities must provide a rental service agreement which describes terms of occupancy, charges, fees, deposits, billing information, including itemized charges of ancillary services, conditions under which rates can be changed and policies on refunds and furnishings. You will be given information about possible increased costs as soon as staff suspects that service needs are increasing significantly.

Costs for medications, healthcare supplies, diet supplements, personal items and household furnishings, beauty and barber services, as well as certain transportation, outings and personal recreational expenses are extra and the responsibility of the resident. If a resident’s needs exceed the ability of the staff to provide services (as determined by an assessment in excess of the building’s highest level of licensed service) the staff will work with the resident or financially responsible party to negotiate more services to allow the resident to continue receiving care. These services are likely to be an additional cost unless other public or volunteer resources are available.

Medicare does not pay for assisted living medical services. However, long-term healthcare insurance policies and some managed healthcare plans may cover some costs. Not all assisted living facilities accept Medicaid payment; some accept Medicaid payment only after a specific period of private payment. Some facilities may require an individual resident to move to a studio apartment as a condition of accepting Medicaid.

Medicare may pay for certain ancillary skilled nursing and therapy services (occupational, physical and speech therapy) offered through certified home health agencies. Medicare HMOs and managed healthcare plans have their own requirements and limitations related to these services. Like medications, podiatry or healthcare services, these skilled nursing and therapy services are not normally covered in the monthly assisted living charges.