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Working at St. Pats

There's a reason you chose nursing. It was Providence

Providence St. Patrick Hospital attracts driven, compassionate and talented health care professionals. Our commitment to patient-centered care, shared governance and our Mission sets the tone for an exceptional career experience.

Discover the atmosphere that will nourish your passion and inspire your best work. Providence is calling

Shared Governance

St. Patrick Hospital values shared leadership, participative decision making and nursing autonomy. Direct-care RNs serve as members of St. Patrick's Shared Governance Councils and are able to take knowledge back to their peers on their units. In addition, St. Patrick Hospital's nurses are involved in numerous multidisciplinary task forces, committees and work groups throughout the organization. View our Shared Governance Model

Professional Development and Continuing Education

St. Patrick Hospital encourages nurses to continually strive to improve their practice via professional development and education. Nurses who seek additional clinical expertise or advanced credentialing are supported in their efforts through tuition assistance, educational resources and flexible scheduling, and are subsequently rewarded through compensation and other non-monetary forms of recognition. The hospital also provides numerous structures that support lifelong learning, including The Learning Center, which is an ANCC-accredited provider of nursing continuing education.

Nursing Research

St. Patrick Hospital is committed to involving direct-care nurses in nursing research. St. Patrick's nurses participate in rigorous year-long nursing research projects through the Nursing Research Fellow Program. In addition, nurses are employed in three research institutes (The Montana Foundation, The Montana Cancer Institute and The Montana Neuroscience Institute Foundation) and aid in the coordination of clinical trials and research studies.

Evidence Based Practice

St. Patrick Hospital continually strives to improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of health care delivery through the integration of evidence-based practice. This integration is fostered throughout all levels of nursing practice and has played a key role in improving patient outcomes. Direct-care nurses are encouraged to ask clinical practice questions and are given the support and tools to investigate these questions through the Evidence-Based Practice Council and the hospital’s Learning Center.

Nursing Innovation

Nurses at St. Patrick Hospital are encouraged and supported in their efforts to continually look for ways to transform the work environment and to improve patient care with innovative strategies and changes in nursing practice. This encouragement and support is provided by shared governance councils, the availability of evidence-based practice resources and through the fostering of a culture of inquiry, which is an integral part of nursing performance management plans.

Healthy Practice Environment

Providence St. Patrick Hospital is committed to the development of a healthy practice environment by limiting our hospital’s environmental impact, encouraging healthy practice relationships between departments, and work/life balance.


St. Patrick Hospital participates in regular reward and recognition programs aimed at recognizing staff for high quality patient-family centered care.


Nurses participate in evaluation of unit specific quality measures and are actively involved in quality improvement projects.

Community Engagement and Health Promotion

Providence St. Patrick Hospital is very engaged in community health initiatives, which provide staff with many opportunities to participate in athletic events, health expos, conferences, educational initiatives, volunteer activities and more.