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2014 Topic Summaries

Spring Fever Topic Summaries 2014

General Session
The Trauma Pre-Flight Checklist
  –  Dr. Heather Evans, Trauma/Critical Care surgeon from Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA will discuss what to do and what not to do in preparation and packaging of patients for transport to a higher level of care.

General Session
Major Vascular Injury: What's New and What's Not
  –  Dr. Zoe Maher, Trauma/Critical Care surgeon from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia will discuss the consequences and management of vascular and penetrating trauma.
EMS Session
Rapid Fire
  -  Megan Hamilton, RN, EMT-P, SPH Outreach Educator and John Bleicher, RN, SPH Trauma Coordinator will discuss What’s New in Hypothermia Management, Paramedic Administration of TXA for the Bleeding Trauma Patient and Field Management Differences Between Trauma and Medical Codes.

Hospital Session
Anticoagulants in Trauma Patients, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  -  Dr. Lou Kattine, General and Trauma Surgeon with Missoula Surgical Associates will discuss the increasingly complex problems we face when treating patients who take Coumadin, Pradaxa and other anticoagulation medications.

EMS Session
Management of Aggressive Behavior
  -  SPH Security Manager and ex-Missoula City Police Officer Shawn Paul will discuss and demonstrate strategies for defusing aggressive persons and situations in order to prevent them from escalating into violent confrontations.

Hospital Session
Damage Control Resuscitation
  –  Dr. Maher will discuss the initial resuscitation approach to both blunt and penetrating trauma victims.

Lunch Session
Survive and Move Forward
  -  Doug Dove, who was crushed by a 400 pound slab of steel and nearly died (multiple times) will tell the inspiring story of his recovery.

EMS Session
Skills Stations
  -  EMS will choose between one of two outdoor stations:
Vehicle Extrication by staff from Missoula City Fire at their Station #4, or
River Rescue and Hypothermia Management along the river by staff from Montana River Guides, Aerie Backcountry Medicine and Missoula Emergency Services.  Please dress appropriately for the conditions of the day as you will be outside for up to three hours.

Hospital Session
Workplace Violence in Healthcare
  -  Shawn Paul will discuss and demonstrate strategies for managing violence in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Hospital Session   
Infectious Disease in the Critically Ill Patient
  -  Dr. Evans will discuss new strategies being utilized in the endless war against infectious disease in critically injured patients.

Hospital Session
Application of the Critical Care ABCDE Bundle to Trauma Patients
  -  Marian Maxwell, Pharm.D, BCPS, Clinical Coordinator, Critical Care at St. Pat’s will discuss new strategies related to delirium, immobility, sedation/analgesia and ventilator management in the ICU.
General Session
Case Studies
  -  All conference attendees will reconvene to discuss real case studies from the past year in western Montana in an interactive format.  Both prehospital and hospital issues will be covered.  Dr. Brad Pickhardt, SPH Trauma Medical Director will lead the session.


18th Annual Spring Fever!
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