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Our Mission and Values

St. Patrick Hospital employees live the Providence Mission and Core Values. As People of Providence, we reveal God’s love for all, especially the poor and vulnerable, through our compassionate service.

Respect – All people have been created in the image of God. Genesis 1:27

We welcome the uniqueness and honor the dignity of every person.

We communicate openly and we act with integrity.

We develop the talents and abilities of one another.

Linda Grey, a registered nurse in the Neurobehavioral Medicine Inpatient Unit, has been with our organization for 30 years. Linda is highly valued for her ability to understand the needs of her most vulnerable patients, and her nurturing and compassionate demeanor helps put them at ease.

The Neurobehavioral Medicine Inpatient Unit (NBMI) provides acute psychiatric care for adults and adolescents. NBMI houses a six-bed ICU and a six-bed adolescent wing, where patients are treated in an extremely safe and comfortable environment.


Compassion – Jesus taught and healed with compassion for all. Matthew 4:24

We reach out to people in need and give comfort as Jesus did.

We nurture the spiritual, physical and emotional well-being of one another and those we serve.

We embrace those who are suffering.

Robbin Gates, a registered nurse at our hospital for the past 25 years, provides outstanding care to patients immediately following surgery. A vital member of the post-anesthesia care team, Robbin quickly assesses her patients’ physical needs as well as their emotional well-being. Her kind face and gentle touch bring her excellent nursing intuition to every patient in her care.

The post-anesthesia care unit, also known as the Recovery Room, cares for patients immediately following any surgery requiring anesthesia. Recovery Room nurses rapidly assess patients’ vital signs and pain level, and offer kind, loving support in the most vulnerable moments following surgery.


JusticeThis is what the Lord requires of you: act with justice, love with kindness and walk humbly with you God. Micah 6:8

We believe everyone has a right to the basic goods of the earth.

We strive to remove the causes of oppression.

We join with others to work for the common good and to advocate for social justice.

Tammy Powers is a registered nurse and an infection preventionist in our Infection Prevention Program. Tammy works in all areas of the hospital to identify infection risks and prevent transmission of disease. Tammy’s outstanding contributions have helped lower the presence of certain infections by as much as 60 percent.

Successful implementation of infection control practices is the driving force in maintaining a safe, sterile hospital environment. Through multidisciplinary cooperation, this department reduces the transmission of infection, provides immunizations, tracks infection data and works with providers to prevent the spread of disease among patients and providers.


Excellence Much will be expected of those who are entrusted with much. Luke 12:48

We set the highest standards for ourselves and for our ministry.

We strive to transform conditions for a better tomorrow while serving the needs of today.

We celebrate and encourage the contributions of one another.

Janice Sellers is a registered nurse on 5 South, a surgical and pediatric wing. Janice has been recognized by her peers for the exemplary care she gives every one of her patients. She is known for comforting not only the youngest patients but their families as well with her kind, patient demeanor and loving smile.

The team on 5 South cares for patients who are recovering from surgery, as well as pediatric patients and their families. The surgical and pediatric care nurses in this 22-bed wing pride themselves on seamless teamwork and a positive attitude while providing quick, efficient care.


StewardshipThe earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. Psalm 24:1

We believe that everything entrusted to us is for the common good.

We strive to care wisely for our people, our resources and our earth.

We seek simplicity in our lives and in our work.

David Hunter of the Environmental Services Department works tirelessly to keep our hospital clean and safe for patients and staff. From a dedicated work ethic to interactions with patients and coworkers, his positive attitude and courtesy make him a true asset to the team.

The Environmental Services Department takes pride in keeping our hospital visibly impeccable and safe for every patient and visitor who passes through our halls. The department plays a significant role in reducing infection control risks by keeping our patient rooms, waiting areas, and other care delivery areas maintained and cleaned at all times to the highest recommended standards. Environmental Services employees exercise the utmost courtesy when interacting with patients, respecting their privacy and catering to their specific needs