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Spring Fever Trauma Conference

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20th Annual Conference

April 23, 2016 | Hilton Garden Inn Conference Center

Providence is pleased to offer this free, high quality trauma CNE-accredited conference. We have outstanding speakers who can teach trauma care from their personal experiences, and relate to the issues we face in rural Montana—isolated areas, long distances, extreme weather, delayed discovery and prolonged transport to a hospital.

We know there will be something for every provider who attends. Hope to see you there!

Target Audience - Spring Fever Trauma Conference

The topics presented at this conference target: midlevel practitioners (APRNs, PAs, etc.), nurses and pre-hospital personnel involved with emergency resuscitation and critical care management. To meet the needs of all participants, breakout sessions and skills labs are offered for specific groups (mid-level, hospital and pre-hospital). Everyone is welcome to attend any lecture. However, some material may not be pertinent to the individual’s specialty, so please make your choices on what suits you best.

Spring Fever is a one-day conference of didactic lectures to provide these front line providers with an opportunity to explore several aspects of trauma care. Continuing trauma education is vital to improving patient outcome and provides an excellent opportunity to review and refine protocols to ensure the best care for the injured patient. This conference will address many topics that face field and hospital personnel in the rural setting.

Trauma Conference Topic Summaries

General Session – Cold Water Drowning Resuscitation

Presented by Justin Sempsrott, MD, FAAEM. Drowning resuscitation requires a different approach than sudden cardiac arrest. Hypothermia further complicates the diagnosis, management, and disposition of drowning patients. This presentation will discuss the emergent treatment of drowning patients, with special attention to severe hypothermia and those rescued from cold water.

General Session – Montana State Medical Examiner System and Its Future

Presented by Jaime L. Oeberst, MD. Review of plans for the state ME system and what we have done so far, preferences concerning postmortem care for cases pronounced pre-hospital and hospital. Evidence preservation tips with case presentations.

General Session – Traumatic Cervical Spine Injuries

Presented by KC Brewington, MD. A neurosurgeon at Providence St. Patrick Hospital, Dr. Brewington will provide an overview of traumatic cervical spine injuries. This session will include cervical spine immobilization, anatomy & physiology, types of cervical spine injuries and evidence based criteria for cervical collar removal.

EMS Session – Pre-hospital Spinal Immobilization Panel Discussion

Members from both of Missoula’s Emergency Departments, along with and local fire and EMS agencies, will have a facilitated discussion on the controversies and issues surrounding pre-hospital spinal immobilization.

Hospital Session - Excited Delirium

Presented by Justin Sempsrott, MD, FAAEM. Pre-hospital and Emergency providers are often faced with patients that are agitated and an immediate threat to themselves or others. Their behavior may be due to drugs, alcohol or psychiatric disease. This presentation will discuss the history, presentation and emergent treatment, including the use of ketamine and other pharmacologic agents.

Lunch – Trauma Trivia

EMS Session - Skills Stations

EMS will choose between one of two outdoor stations:

  1. Confined Space extrication- by staff from Missoula City Fire. This will be an off-site training, reviewing and practicing confined space rescue including safety, rescue techniques and patient/rescuer considerations.

  2. Cold Water Rescue by Staff from Aerie Backcountry Medicine, Msla Emergency Services and Justin Sempsrott, MD. This will be an off-site, hands-on water rescue and break-out stations covering the rescue and care of the drowning patient. Dr Sempsrott will join local agencies for this session.

Hospital Session – Aspects of Pediatric Trauma; What's different about Children

Presented by Daniel Beals, MD – Pediatric Trauma Surgeon. Tips, tricks and pearls of managing pediatric trauma patients.

Hospital Session – Just a closed head injury; Anatomy of a law suit

Presented by Rob Canan, RN. A first-hand account of a malpractice case from the perspective of a nurse asked to consult by the family suing a hospital. The goal of this presentation is to help nurses and health care providers understand what happens during a malpractice suit, and the implications related to standards of care and consequences from poor critical thinking and communication.

Hospital Session – Trauma and Alcohol

Presented by Michael Clarke, MD. Many trauma patients also have alcohol in their system. Explore the issues around alcohol and trauma, including prevalence, attitudes and care of this population.

Mid-Level Hands on Skills Station

Presented by David Bauer, MD, Daniel Gee, MD, Daniel Beals, MD, Tina Barker, FNP and Jennifer Scalise, PA-C.

  • Radiology Review: Join a radiologist to review pearls of reading common plain films and CT scans
  • Pediatric Advanced Airway Lab: Hands-on skills lab for advanced airway management techniques utilizing young pigs (pigs died of natural causes).
  • Pediatric Chest Trauma Management: Hands-on skills lab for pediatric needle decompression and chest tube insertion and management on young pigs (pigs died of natural causes).

Case Studies

All conference attendees will reconvene to discuss real case studies from the past year in western Montana in an interactive format. Both pre-hospital and hospital issues will be covered. Dr. Brad Pickhardt, St Patrick Hospital Trauma Medical Director, will lead the session.