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Providence Medical Group

Women's Care Center

Contact & Directions | (406) 327-3057
| 900 North Orange St. Suites 103 and 106 Missoula, MT 59802 | Map & Directions

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Thorough, Compassionate Care for Women

Women's health care needs are different than those of men. While many aspects overlap, we are learning more about the specific differences in the physiology of men and women. For instance, some conditions are unique to women, like pregnancy, gynecological diseases, menopause and lactation issues. Others are more common in women such as breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis and incontinence. Several conditions are experienced differently in women than in men, such as heart disease, lung cancer and pain. At Providence Medical Group Women’s Care Center, we are dedicated to providing thorough, compassionate care based on the specific needs of women throughout their lifespan. We take a team approach to your healthcare needs and will coordinate your care across the Providence Medical Group of physicians to make sure you have the best care possible.

The Women’s Care Center is home to women's services throughout the organization. From the holistic practice approach to care in our clinic, the various clinical services and programs we offer, we strive to meet the health needs of women with compassion, respect and excellence.

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  • Women's Care Center P:(406) 327-3057
    F:(406) 327-3231

    Request an Appointment:
  • 900 North Orange St.
    Suites 103 and 106
    Missoula, MT 59802