Trauma Services Saved My Life

Joe StoneHi, I’m Joe Stone, and I am alive today because generous donors like you care enough to support Trauma Programs at St. Patrick Hospital, which includes Life Flight and other critical services. On the evening of August 13, 2010, I was speed flying off Mt. Jumbo, outside Missoula, Montana. During my flight, I encountered complications with my canopy and went down hard and fast, landing on my back. Fortunately for me, a hiker was there with a phone and some emergency medical training. He immediately called 911, saving my life.

When rescuers reached me, I was unconscious and unresponsive. The Life Flight helicopter and Missoula emergency rescue teams arrived within minutes and administered treatment to prepare me for transport to St. Patrick Hospital. Once in the air, the trip only took 90 seconds to reach the hospital.

Even with the short distance from the accident site to St. Patrick Hospital, I’m sure I would have died if Life Flight and the local emergency rescue teams hadn’t been as efficient and organized. They were able to get me to the emergency room within 30 minutes of my crash.

The accident left me mostly paralyzed from the chest down. Even though my life is very different now, I am using my experience to help others with life-changing injuries. My fiancée, Amy, says, “Joe’s attitude and drive is nothing different than before the accident - he just has a lot less of his body to work with.”

If you are interested in learning more about my story and the exciting projects I’m working on, visit my blog, Project Life Flight.I hope you won’t ever need Life Flight. But if you or your family member ever does, know your donations help sustain the latest life-saving technology and training. Life Flight serves a 450-mile radius in Western Montana and Eastern Idaho with over 700 flights each year.

Please consider making a gift to the Trauma Programs at St. Patrick Hospital. Your support, no matter what the size, will help sustain these life-saving services for all.


Joe Stone

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