A Second Chance at Life

DougDoveMy name is Doug Dove and on January 3, 2012, I was working on a demolition project when something went terribly wrong. I do not remember anything about that day or the next 20 days until I finally “woke up” from my accident. In piecing together the events, I learned a 300-pound slab of metal plate fell on me. It forced all the air out of my body and my heart stopped beating. No one knows for certain how long my body went without oxygen.

Fortunately, for me, the Frenchtown Rural Fire Department was onsite for an unrelated emergency; firefighters were able to resuscitate me, bringing me back to life. On the trip to St. Patrick Hospital, my seizures began, lasting for 10 days until doctors were finally able to stabilize me. At this point, my wife Tammy was told I probably wouldn’t survive. And if I did, I’d have serious brain damage.

Despite my grim prognosis, Tammy never lost faith in my recovery. You never know the spirit of a person. You never know how life is going to turn out, even with the help of medical brain experts from the St. Patrick Hospital Brain Injury – Neuroscience Program.

As I continue to struggle with the residual effects of the accident, Tammy and I are sharing my story to raise awareness and funds to continue the education and treatment of brain injuries and neuroscience research. Your donation can give someone else a second chance at life.

Montana ranks third highest in the nation for brain injury fatalities and faces significant challenges in the delivery of acute and long-term care for individuals living with a brain injury. Tammy says, “We believe with faith all things are possible. If we all work together financially, physically, and emotionally, we can provide the resources for others to be successful and excel in their rehabilitation and life. The quality of care you receive is going to determine the quality of your output and overall turnout.”

Your generous support of the St. Patrick Hospital Brain Injury – Neuroscience Program, no matter the size of your gift,
will make available public and professional brain injury education, promote prevention strategies and offer quality
rehabilitation for patients. For more information visit Montana Neuroscience Institute.


Doug and Tammy Dove

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